How you can increase low potassium and iron levels.

Pam, from Beaverton, states, "I have low potassium and iron. Are there any supplements you recommend or any other way for me to get those number up?

Both potassium and iron levels can be increased by supplements. Multi-vitamins have both, but the amount isn't very much. In Healthy Body, Happy Life, we talk about Concentrace® Essential minerals that provide larger amounts of potassium, any many others. There are also supplements for iron. 

A word of caution about iron however. Get tested and make sure your iron levels are in the safe range. Too little and too much iron are  both harmful. Too little, and we don't have enough to supply red blood cells for their oxygen carrying ability and we experience fatigue. Too much, we run the risk of developing cancer down the road, since free iron is a free radical and causes chronic inflammation. Again, if you supplement with iron, get regular testing for iron levels by your primary care physician.

Another source for potassium is green leafy vegetables. The benefit here is that you also get the fiber from the vegetables to aid digestion and prevent colon cancer at the same time.