A unique approach to better health

To live a healthier life we must pursue a paradigm lifestyle shift—what Dr. Mark calls the Garden of Eden Lifestyle—encompassing a Garden of Eden diet if we are to progress toward health. Our ancestors lived long lives without many of the diseases present today—and cancer was rare. Pursuing this model for living can bring us back to a life of health and happiness.

What the ancients did not realize was their lifestyle promoted a leaner stronger body free of disease. It incorporated the four secrets outlined in Healthy Body, Happy Life. They did not have the technology to discover the science behind their fortune but benefited from it none-the-less. Today, simple science concepts give us a unique approach to return to a method of living transformed from long ago. Let’s begin this journey and enjoy better health.



Healthy Body, Happy Life

by Mark Reaksecker, DMD

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ISBN: 978-1-94497-341-4 (pbk)
ISBN: 978-1-94497-342-1(epub)
Published: Feb 14, 2017
Publisher: Windtree Press
Print Length: 379 Pages
Language: English