A Passion for Health

Mark Reaksecker, DMD is a 1988 graduate, with honors, from the Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry, earning his doctorate degree. While there, he attained the Oregon Society of Periodontists’ “Outstanding Senior in Periodontics” award. He was a member of the ADA (American Dental Association) and maintained a private dental practice for over 28 years.

Throughout those years, he marveled at the complexity and capabilities of the human body with its ability to heal, even from adverse circumstances. The body is an amazing creation—the gift of life from God. His subsequent in-depth study of nutrition and cancer, plus how they affect the human body, intensified the curiosity of how biology, physiology, and chemistry all play interactive roles. It took four years to research and two years to write Healthy Body, Happy Life, but it was a creation from his passion and the unending desire to learn.

A Better Life Through Healthy Living

Dr. Mark and his wife epitomize the Garden of Eden Lifestyle by manifesting a living testimony and practice the procedures described in this book. Knowing the value of healthy living plus a nutritious diet has given them the comfort and security to realize they are doing everything they can to ward off disease and cancer.


During his free time, Dr. Mark volunteers as a member of the Royal Rosarians in Portland, Oregon. They are the official ambassadors for the city of Portland and travel the world planting roses. Portland is known as the “city of roses” with its beautiful rose garden overlooking Portland at Washington Park. The Rosarians can be seen on television every year marching in the Grand Floral Parade along the city streets of Portland, the first weekend in June.

Dr. Mark appreciates traveling and photographing God’s beautiful planet Earth. He enjoys skiing and scuba diving. Together, they have three grown children, two boys and one girl, but no grandchildren—yet. They reside in Oregon City, Oregon, which is southeast of Portland in the Willamette Valley.